Choosing The Best Car

Nowadays, it's quite easy to buy a car to your taste. However, each person has personal preferences and some selection criteria, such as manufacturer, price, comfort, reliability and durability. So, how to choose the proper car that will meet all criteria?

For example, some of the best are Italian cars: fiat 500, Alfa Romeo‎, Ferrari‎, Lamborghini‎. Any car of these brands fully complies with the basic selection criteria. The most important thing is to determine the purpose of the car, and the rest is a matter of taste.

Cars for men

Men are used to dominate everything. And the cars they are looking for are those that, in their opinion, will work for the image of the alpha male. In this context, the first place is taken by SUVs:

Fiat Freemont. It is a car for a purposeful strong and self-confident leader;

Suzuki SX4. Stable and well-run SUV, which is perfect for both urban driving and off-road driving.

Women's choice

According to statistics, women like miniature cars:

Daewoo matiz. One of the smallest cars, which is ideal for young girls. In addition, there is a little risk of getting into an accident;

Hyundai Solaris. An excellent option for women with driving experience. This is a medium-sized car with a fairly spacious interior;

Kia Sportage SE. This compact crossover is well in demand with luxury ladies who do not want to give in to men.

Which car to buy: new or used?

Of course, it is better to buy a new car. You should be careful when buying a car in a car showroom, because 5-10% of cars that are sold there, had already been scratched, hit or acquired other defects. They are mostly damaged during transportation. Especially it concerns those cars that are imported from abroad.

As for buying a used car, the best option here is a trip to the service center for complete diagnostics.

If you do not have enough experience in buying cars, it is difficult to detect any engine malfunctions or defects on the body. However, you should pay attention to:

The sound of the engine. When the engine is running, there should be no rattle or other extraneous sounds;

Oil leaks should be absent under the hood and under the car;

Colour. All parts must match exactly in shade;

Just looking at the picture, it is hard to understand which car is better to buy. You need to touch it and feel it, then the decision will come much faster.

In most cases, it is recommended to test new cars in a car workshop. This is the only way to insure yourself against unpleasant surprises in the future.

All potential car owners are divided into two categories: some knows exactly what car they want to buy, others cannot make a decision for years, because they like several models, for example, toyota 4runner, audi and fiat at once.

So, to determine the choice of the car, you need to think carefully.

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