Postage Meter Base Features Vs Additional Mail System Machines

Postage meters generally all offer the same basic mailing capabilities of determining and charging postage fees. The charges are made either by subtracting the amount due from a pre-paid account or by charging a lump sum of all of the post mark charges made during one pay period. Postage meters can do the following mail related functions:

1. Registered or First class mail
2. Creating a certificate of mailing which is a receipt indicating date and time of mailing
3. Adding mailing insurance
4. Collect on Delivery (COD) for shipments of merchandise to clients
5. Delivery Confirmation

Although mail systems offer additional features such as shrink wrapping and bundling, both of these features are actually as a result of additional machines and are not inherent to the meter base. The meter base itself can also have password protection, particular saved settings and automatic dating features.

Password Protection: Meters can offer password logins to achieve a variety of goals. The password must be entered for mail to be postmarked. Passwords can be given to each employee or department or for a particular client or project. The password allows you to monitor how shipping expenses are broken down. These reports could then give you information about shipping related expenses for one particular project or see how much one department spends on shipping. This is beneficial for budgeting shipping related expenses, charging clients for shipment and tracking shipping expenses instantaneously.

Saved Settings: If a certain mail type is repeatedly mailed, such as employee pay stubs, the meter can save these settings to reduce future processing time. The postage meter can record the number of envelopes or postage costs and therein not require that this data be inputted again. Meters with postal scales generally also allow settings for common mailing weights for standardized mail types or precise mail weights done through Postal Scale Reviews.

Automatic Dating: Automatic dating or automatic date advance ensures that the mail postmarked reflects the accurate date. This feature eliminates some of the human error incurred from entering the date themselves and is particularly helpful if multiple people are using the meter. This date feature is particularly helpful when sending a large volume of mail because it reduces time spent on postage meters.

The other additional mail system equipment that can automatically perforate edges, stack items or seal envelopes can be purchased or rented separately. The postage machines are a means of tabulating and charging postage fees. The meters may come with a spring scale, but certain companies which heavier items may opt to purchase digital scales. There are many different of additional accessory options aimed at improving mail system operations, the postage meter itself is the center of all of the mail operations as without it, no mail could be postmarked.

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