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Are You Another Sydney Startup on a Tight Budget? Here are a Few Tips to Save on Website Design and Logo Design

The cost of graphic design services and branding run between a few dollars to several thousand dollars; depending on the quality, scope, and agency. Most small businesses don’t have enough money to spend on high quality logos and website design; but these are crucial tools to standout and make their own mark. While it is a worthwhile investment, branding doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you’re looking for ideas on how to save on website design and logo design, you’ve come to the right place.

To Scrimp or To Splurge

One of the worst mistakes a startup can make is doing branding half-assed. Poor design will inevitably lead to going back to square one and redesigning sooner or later. So, how much should small business startups spend on branding?


The answer really depends on the company’s current situation and priorities. Those who have the means to get top-of-the-line services from established, reputable graphic and web design companies should do so. This is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

However, those that don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on design need not worry. There are many effective options when it comes to getting good graphic design for a fraction of the cost. For instance, hiring startup web developers or designers is a common practice by cash-strapped new business startups. There are also many established agencies in Sydney offering fantastic website and logo design at affordable prices.

Few suggestions on how to Save on Website Design and Logo Design

Whether you choose to scrimp or splurge, here are some tips to help businesses save on small business branding services.

1. Be very clear about the brand’s identity.

To save money on graphic design, you have to save time. Before discussing design options with a designer, it’s crucial to know what the brand’s personality is.What makes the it unique?What are the beliefs and values it wants to communicate to audiences? Knowing what the brand is all about will make it easier to make design choices that showcase the company’s identity.

2. Find inspiration.

Inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look. To find inspiration, start by brainstorming design ideas. Ask questions like: how does the company want itself to be perceived? Secondly, think like the audience. What is important for them? What kind of brands does the target demographic prefer? Lastly, look at the competition. Learn from the competitions’ strength and weaknesses to learn what works well for the target market and what should be avoided.

3. Find the right designer.

There are many options for finding the right designer: agencies, freelancers, etc. Look through prospective designers’ portfolio and remember that just because they’re good does not mean they will match the brand’s style. As mentioned, save time to save money so don’t skimp out on this step. The right designer can deliver the results you want and need, saving the company time and money.

4. Communicate.

Once the right designer is found, it’s important to communicate with them clearly. They’re designers, not mind readers. Write a clear brief, provide as much information about the company as possible, provide feedback, ask questions, speak openly and honestly. Work together to create a design that’s both reflective of the brand and wows customers.

Great logos are easily recognised. A well-designed website converts visitors into paying customers. With these saving tips on website design and logo design, any startup can make a lasting impression that turns their brand from a small venture into a household name.
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