After placing new and more efficient windows at their position, the next critical step is to seal them properly. It doesn’t matter if they have the perfect size and style, seal always remains an important consideration. It is responsible to prevent households and their valuable for a long time period. Leaving the gaps open can allow elements like moisture, cold and the likes to find a way to disturb home’s internal environment. Not only do they make inhabitants comfortable but also raise energy bills to an unbelievable level.

Here, another thing to keep in mind is that there is a special seal type designed for each window style. Homeowners just have to see more and figure out which one would go best with their options.

  1. OSI QUAD Max

QUAD Max sealant is one of those reliable and worthy options that are designed to keep people satisfied. It offers consistent application for both cold and hot temperatures. Since it is flexible and reliable, there is no need to worry about bubble formation or shrinkage. It works incredibly well on wet surfaces, no matter if they are caught in summer shower or freshly painted.

  1. GE Silicone 2+

Cracks are a common reason of window replacement Edmonton. They used to contract or expand according to the season. Likewise, some sealants also shrink with the passage of time, thereby pulling the frame away. To cope with this problem, GE Silicone 2+ has come to the rescue. It is made of silicone that is shrink-proof and flexible. The caulk takes no time to dry and lasts for many years with its weatherproof ability.

  1. All-Purpose Gorilla 100% Silicone

This all-purpose sealant is by-far the best addition to the home because its extra quantity can be used on gutters, plumbing, kitchen and bath. It also works for marine and auto repairs. Unlike other clear products, it dries pretty quickly and doesn’t discolor over time.

  1. Loctite PL White Polyurethane

It is commonly found in heavy-duty spray foams. Polyurethane caulk is one of the reliable replacements for silicone. It can seal siding, windows and doors without decreasing their aesthetic appeal. The best of all, homeowners can paint it in any color without being worried about how it would look. Its weather resistant feature keeps it in good shape no matter how intense sunlight is or how heavy it’s raining.

  1. Flex Shot Advanced

Unlike how it looks on TV with no substance and all flash, flex shot advanced is capable of working as a strong sealant without asking for a caulking gun. It is a rubber sealant that is mess-free and combines with almost every surface near it. It's easy application and clear finish allow homeowners to make the most of their window replacement Edmonton project.

  1. DAP Seal ‘N Peel

When it comes to changing the sealant or getting it redone, DAP Seal emerges as a game changer. It comes off like a strip, irrespective of the fact that it looks like regular caulk. It is actually the second name of peace and efficiency.

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